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Services we provide

Our conviction

Right to the establishment of our enterprise 1998 we were sure, long-term partnerships could be only established by providing high quality and customer proximity. Always following this principle, we offer the complete spectrum in services, which is necessary for a successful conversion of the project to our customers.


We understand ourselves as Service Provider, whose Portfolio naturally defines the consultation of our customers as an important component of a project. To recognize and analyze the problems and desires of the customer, which define specific requirements of the project and prepare a suitable solution, is optimally possible only with initial intensive consultation. In addition, dynamic development during the course of the project and strategic planning for subsequent projects are subject to consulting discussions with our customers.


Here we can bring in our experience of many years optimally and always prepare and convert a solution suitable for the project. A concept does not have to be expensive and pedantic or mean the new invention of the wheel. Often there is empirical values and farsightedness, which make a simple however purposeful and effective solution.

Software engineering/development

Innovative and intelligent equipment or system Design, a strong cross-linking and a flexibility require optimal conditions - in terms of hard- and software. Our emphasis lies here in the planning and development of complete conceptions. Of course this means resources and know-how in the ranges of operating systems, driver development, application development, debugging, analysis and total understandings close to the hardware layer. A problem-free course of the project must not be blocked by authority deficits in subranges.


The most effective use for our customers exists in ordering a ready-to-use solution. We develop and do not only supply this solution, but we accompany you also with the integration into your environment. Completely directly, whether it concerns a simple driver development or a complex server system - only if the project is successfully terminated and you are satisfied, we are too.


By customer orientated support during and after the development phase, can be ensured a smooth and efficient admission of the project. We offer therefore different, to the support article appropriate models, for the support of our customers, naturally also after the acceptance.
The support achievements are handled by the project developers themself and guarantee thus a maximum of technical authority.


The independence from third in its daily work is an important factor. Our goal is it to support you here to make the know-how transfer. All the same whether you wish a general training or a project-related Workshops - at the end your goal of independent and self-sufficient working with the new system stands.

Empirical values

Our achievements are not product-bound to thus evaluate neutrally and flexibly.
In the course of the past years we could solve the customer problems in numerous projects with the following topics:
  • Software
    Object-oriented, distributed systems, realtime systems, Client server architectures, electronic services for intelligent and distributed devices, mobile services
  • Languages, Libraries, Technologies
    ASM, C, C++,XML, Perl, Scripting, Qt, Gtk, Thin Clients, Embedded HMI, Security, Crypting, VoIP, ISDN, CAPI
  • Systemplatforms and Protocols
    Linux, AIX, Realtime OS (Embedded Linux, LynxOS, VxWorks)
    http, TCP/IP, CAN, I²C Bus, Ethernet, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, SIP
  • Hardware
    x86, PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, ...