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Free Downloads

Our Download Area

Various software packages like OpenPBX extensions, chan capi and the DIVAS driver incl. firmware are available for download.

The most important packages in the overview:

DIVAS Driver V3.0 [Wiki-Page]

Older DIVAS Driver [Wiki-Page]

Chan-Capi [Wiki-Page]

  • Chan-Capi CM packages

Important notes concerning our DIVAS Driver

  • The driver was released under the terms of GPL and is open in the sense of the Linux Community

  • Packages we provide contain sourcecode and no precompiled binary modules!

  • The Divatty.o or similar, precompiled modules as well as RPM's mentioned in some documents do not originate from Melware.
    Concerning support inquiries please contact the vendor Dialogic

  • In case of questions and problems concerning the Melware DIVAS Driver, please contact our Support